American prices suffer deep slide

The USA market received the deep slip down in prices, and the 10-year’s benchmark for Treasury yield climbed up to the highest level in five months, and now is over the 1.8 percent.

Meanwhile, Japanese Bank continues its tries to get in charge over the yield curve, and they have success from time to time. The main their victory was over the yen that is getting weaker with every new day.

As for the euro, it was equal to the 1.0904 dollars this day. Analysts believe that this currency can be thankful to the debt yields rise in the Euro zone.

Meanwhile, dollar’s index did not change much from yesterday. It is still on its rise, and now is situated on 98.880 after the big increase in 0.2 percent this Thursday. It received 0.3 percent during the week in general, and probably left behind the main threshold of the last nine months highest number.

This week was not very successful for the crude oil suppliers. OPEC did not get along with the new reality, and numbers of expected oversupply, so the prices went down.

Many countries did not agree with the policy of OPEC even inside the organization. Some of them did not want to cut the supplies. Experts have their own doubts about possibility of governments of oil countries to reach the compromise.

Brent oil was equal to 50.49 dollars, with the 0.05 gain this Friday. However, this week was not very successful for Brent, as it lost 2.5 percent in general.

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