Brexit makes MacBooks more expensive

Apple rises the prices in England, and they can justify themselves by the Brexit. Now the UK citizens will be able to buy Apple products by the prices raised on hundreds pounds.

One of the main examples of the new changes in Apple policy towards the UK is Mac Pro which price was raised by 500 pounds.

The new MacBook line was revealed to the whole world only yesterday, but many British fans of Apple were not able to enjoy this news with other, because of very negative information about the new prices for Apple products in the UK.

And the new policy will touch not only the laptops of MacBook Pro, but almost all products from Apple with the Mac Mini, iMac, etc. will be more expensive from now on.

New MacBook Pro with 13-inches in the UK, even without the famous Touch Bar will be available for 1,449 pounds, and with the Touch Bar it will cost 1,749 pounds. As for the standard model on 15 inches, with the Touch bar, and 2.6 GHz Core processor i7, and 256 GB of the memory, British people will be able to buy this perfect holiday gift for 2,349 pounds. If these numbers does not mean anything specific to you, try to compare it with the former price for Mac Book Pro 13 –inch that had 999 pounds cost. As for the 15 inch model it was sold by 1,599 pounds.

Right now you can still buy the previous version of Mac Book Pro, but the price will be 1,249 pounds for 13- inches.

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