Climate Change theme exhausted itself

Do you agree that theme of climate change is no longer good to use as the platform during the presidential campaign? Do you think it is ok to forget this theme during debates or probably remember about our climate once?

Well, probably our candidates for the presidency believe that there are many more exciting themes to argue about. In the time when the whole world worries about abnormal heat, carbon dioxide emission, Arctic ice melting and so on, Trump and Clinton prefer not to pick up this subject. We can only hope that they are keeping this topic as their main ace.

During the last debates, they talked a lot about guns, immigration, abortion, and other topics that historically divide Democrats and Republicans.

However, the Climate Change theme was carefully avoided by them.

On the second round of debates, this tricky theme of our environment came up once, as the answer to the future voter. And mainly Hillary, who had to give an answer spoke mainly about Hurricane Mathew, which has made terrible harm to the Haiti, killing 1000 native people, 43 US citizens, and made the damage on 6.9 billion dollars. Of course, it was a very important question, but we still don’t know her main ideas about the CO2 problem.

According to the professor Ann Carlson, it is really weird that during the presidential debates environmental theme does not appear, even though the days before debates was signed the famous Paris agreement by all the governments in the world.

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