Kingdom Hearts games will go to PS4

The new 2017 year will bring gamers more pleasant surprises. They will be able to see Switch console in January, play in new games, and will receive their favorite all editions of Kingdom Hearts on PS4.

Still, we believe that there may be one exception. KH 3d version may have to wait because we still did not know the date for the release of its original version.

And the new year will be the perfect time when you can buy PS4, or finally decide to use it properly. Of course, if you are not KH fan, it is not the big news, but for devoted gamers, this new option will give access to the incredible colorful world of this game.

So, you will receive six your favorite games of KH, and three movies that will now be shown on this platform.

Today company has made an official statement, so we know the main dates. Ok, so, KH 2.5 and 1.5 versions will be released for PS4 platform next March, 31. And… well, in January there will be a great surprise for you as well, and it will look like KH 2.8 edition.

You can probably still remember old 2013 year when 1.5 version of KH was released for PS3. There was a big package with many surprises like Chain of Memories and 358/2 days film adaptation, the game that was created in 2009.

So now you will receive the remix of 1.5 and 2.5 games that will have four of them as games, and two as films.

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