Make your Halloween a safe holiday for children

Halloween has lost its spiritual background long time ago, and now it is a favorite holiday for kids and adults who still believe in a magic of this day.

Anyway, it is a great opportunity for everyone to show their own creativity in spooky decorations, unique costumes, pumpkin carvings etc.

Of course, this holiday can be dangerous as well. Children become more careless, and it may turn into a disaster. So parents must stay very cautious.

Here are some tips for making incredible Halloween:

–        Try to explain your children that not all clowns are so scary. Of course, Obama has made a statement that this year’s Halloween must be without clowns, and still… Explain your children that Halloween this year will be as fun as others, just without clowns.

–        Teach your kids rules on the road for pedestrians. Children like to run from one house to another without paying attention to anything except candies. Their costumes must give them a clear vision of everything that surrounds them.

–        Dress your children according to their age. Small skirts and provocative dresses do not help you to feel better. You will have a discussion with your children and explain one some people will wear very tiny clothes and they will have to dress properly.

–        Who told you that parents cannot dress up on Halloween as well? It is more fun, and the night spent with kids with the new activity will be really fun.

–        Don’t try very hard to decorate your house too scary. There can be small children in your neighborhood.

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