The tissue of dinosaur’s brain was finally found

We still do not know what dinosaurs were thinking about when they have seen the giant ball of fire in the sky, or were fighting for their food, sitting on the eggs. And probably we will never know the truth, as all main characters of this story are dead.

However, paleontologists have recently made a huge discovery. They have found brain tissue of ancient dinosaurs.

And, it is strangely small.

The hunter for fossils from English Sussex has found a small pebble in brown color, and without even modern technologies understood that it was something special.

And it is really unique discovery because the soft tissue will fall apart and can be ruined by the time much faster than any other kinds of tissue. Remembering that can you imagine that this soft tissue laid unharmed much more than 66 million years, the time when dinosaurs walked on this earth.

Researchers believe that this tissue was just pickled after its owner has died. It preserved well thanks to this process.

David Norman, the Scientist and one of the main authors in this research, says that brain tissue probably was saved because when the dinosaur has died, he stood near water. His head was buried at the bottom and covered with sediment. While this ancient water was acidic and did not have as much oxidant as it has now, brain tissue could be preserved and laid there for many years.

Scientists had to use an electron microscope for scanning to receive a better image with small details.

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